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Consent Gear is the product marketplace for The Affirmative Consent Project. The Affirmative Consent (Yes Means Yes) Project was created to help 'change the conversation' of Affirmative Consent and making sure encounters are smart, safe, and secure. Whether it's a college hookup, dating app meet up, or friends with benefits - (long term couples will have fun with them too) - We hope that you will find our products fun and useful.

 Home of the "Consent Kit"
(As Seen in Cosmopolitan)

Consent Kits with Sex Contract/Affirmative Consent Guides (Condom, Guide, & Breath Mints)
If you represent an organization (fraternity, sorority, sports team, safety groups, etc.) - please don't forget to download our free Affirmative Consent Project Package! We're working with groups all over the world to help you get the word out about Affirmative Consent and Yes Means Yes Policies.


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